Gray Licensing Provides the following Services

Initial Titles

Gray Licensing can obtain the initial registration documents and secure a title in a timely manner to ensure the equipment you purchase is generating revenue for your business or in active use by your employees.

Duplicate Titles

Documents get lost, filed incorrectly or destroyed by accident and when you are unable to locate a vehicle title contact Gray Licensing and we will work on your behalf to secure a duplicate title in a timely manner.

Title Corrections

Mistakes, spelling errors and other incorrect information on a vehicle title can create headaches when trying to sell a vehicle. Gray Licensing has years of experience to work with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to provide the appropriate documentation to get the titling error corrected.

State Transfers

When working with vehicles in multiple states it is often necessary to transfer the vehicle title from one state to another. With Gray Licensing our team of professionals will work with you to navigate the state to state title transfer process and ensure your paper work is in order and filed with the Bureaus of Motor Vehicles in both states.


Gray Licensing takes the hassle out of annual licensing renewals. When you work with Gray Licensing we remind you and/or provide you reports of annual renewals so you can focus on your business.

Salvage Titles

 For clients in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio tornadoes are an annual threat to our property including our homes and vehicles.Gray Licensing manages the Salvage Title process for our clients  and files the documentation required according to Bureau of Motor Vehicle guidelines.

Duplicate Registrations and Decals

Losing your decal or registration can result in time spent in the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles or time spent trying to navigate the licensing jargon on a BMV website. With Gray Licensing if you give us a call we can process the paperwork on your behalf and provide you the licensing information you need to prevent potential legal trouble.

Replacement Plates

Don't drive without a license plate! Just call Gray Licensing and we will process the documentation to get a replacement license plate for your vehicle.

Lien Perfections

Gray Licensing works with our corporate clients to file detailed documentation to insure that the lien on loan collateral is properly registered with the state office.

If you would like to discuss your vehicle licensing and titling needs please contact Gray Licensing at Phone #812-725-1858 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.